Okay, I know the whole “Blue’s Raticate is dead” theory is some old edgy shit now, but I’m actually a huge fan of it (in case you couldn’t tell from this blog). Anyway, if you’re here and still reading, you’re probably wondering what goes on in my head that makes me like this theory so much. Well, welcome to this page. You’ll find a compilation of all the shit I’ve found from the basic details to really scrounging the dark web for some deep secrets. Don’t ask me why there’s Pokemon info on the dark web, it’s a rabbithole that I’ll have to save for another post.

So to get the basics out of the way, you know the usual drill. Blue meets up with you in Lavender Town and his Raticate is gone. The theory goes that he’s visiting its grave, you probably killed it, etc, etc.

That’s not the theory I’m talking about.

Yeah, it starts there. But hear me out. There’s more to that Raticate’s story.

You know that dark web thing I mentioned? This is where that comes into play. I found some… files, and they hint at something much more grim. I can’t tell you how I got these files, at least not right now, but I promise they’re legit. I’ve seen things… shit I don’t think I was supposed to see. I don’t think anyone was supposed to see it. But I got these files out of it, so I can’t just let them rot away on my hard drive.

All I have are pictures - assets that I found as I was detail hunting. I have about as much context as you in regards to what these were going to do in the game… so from this point forward all I’m offering is theorizing. That’s what you wanted to read anyway, right? This blog is filled with my weird theories. This one is just… darker than the usual. As if Raticate murder could get any darker.

What I have here are four sprites. Two are from the Gen1 games. Two are from FireRed and LeafGreen. This is important information. It would be one thing if it was just one generation or the other, but both versions of Kanto have something hidden. Someone made these sprites intentionally. They were meant for more than just viewing here, and it feels weird being the one to reveal them… but here we are. This is the best I can offer to the morbid weirdo that these once belonged to.

The first sprite I want to share with you all is this one:

At first glance, it looks like the Lavender Town ghost with some weird lines sticking out of it. If you guessed that… I’ll admit, I thought the same at first. However, I want to show a comparison with one of the official Generation I sprites.

If you look at this Raticate and compare it to Ghost, those weird lines match up with Raticate’s whiskers. If you look more closely - like I did - you’ll also notice Ghost’s hands match up with Raticate’s front paws. That first sprite isn’t just the Lavender Town ghost, it’s specifically the ghost of a Raticate. Considering Lavender Town is where Blue doesn’t have a Raticate… I think you can guess where this is linking back to here. Personally, I feel like there may have been an event prior to the Marowak ghost that it would be a Raticate ghost instead. The Ghost is iconic… I have trouble seeing it anywhere but Lavender Town.

If you want more proof… I mentioned there were some Gen3 sprites too. Let’s compare.

Here’s the Ghost from FireRed and LeafGreen. Again, it has some weird little lines and hands. Here’s Raticate’s sprite from those games.

Again, the whiskers and paws line up with the weird sprite. I’m completely convinced this is a Raticate ghost.

I can’t tell you why the Ghost was originally a Raticate. Like I said, all I have are sprites and theories. However, I can’t shake the knowledge about the Raticate Theory, and how the Ghost sprite seems to be prepared for a specific moment that would line up with the theory.

I think more happened to Blue’s Raticate than just dying. I think that ghost is a hint that its soul wasn’t ready to move on peacefully. What caused it such emotion? I don’t know. Team Rocket always seems involved in the miserable stuff, but it’s hard to say if they’re involved.

Either way, I know for a fact something horrible happened to this Pokemon. How do I know?

Well, I still have two more sprites to show you.

First, back to Generation I. Take a look at this mangled sprite.

When you compare it to the earlier Raticate, this one has been through something awful. No ears, half a tail, and its eye looks sewn shut. If you haven’t noticed somehow, though, I want to draw your attention to its stomach.

Now, Generation I sprites aren’t exactly the prettiest, but given the context of the rest of the sprite, I think that weird addition is its organs. This is a photo of a disemboweled Pokemon. From a children’s game. I can definitely understand removing it, but the sadistic fuck who made this sprite managed to find an opening to offer it to me… and then me, to you. I guess that doesn’t make me any better than them, huh? But I feel like this needs to be shared.

Anyway, congratulations if you assumed I had a Generation III version as well. I do. They made another. This one makes the organs more notable due to the GBA graphic capabilities.

Again, no ears, half a tail, and what looks like a scarred-over eye. Again, though less in one’s face, weird shapes coming out of its belly. They’re the same fleshy color as what remains of its paws.

However that thing died, it clearly died suffering. My guess is we were supposed to deal with some kind of vengeful spirit of Blue’s old Raticate. It could explain his presence there, too. Maybe we could have worked together with him? That’s just personal preference, of course.

Unfortunately, these are all the images I have. No context, nothing about Blue or Lavender Town besides my own thoughts and ideas. I dunno… what do you think? Maybe next post I’ll compile some other thoughts or something. I’m up for different interpretations. Anything to get my mind off what I saw to get these.